We are the Caruna innovation team!

Kiira Tammi, Matti Uusipaasto and Verneri Kohonen are the Caruna innovation team, the cornerstone of Caruna's innovation activities. We do a lot of work with various stakeholders, and we believe in the power of collaboration to achieve the best possible outcome. We encourage anyone to contact the innovation team with any ideas for new solutions for electrifying society or to discuss the possibility of working with Caruna.

Carunan innovaatiotiimi

The innovation team is designing the smart electricity network of the future to meet customers' needs

The energy transition is proceeding at pace, giving rise to large-scale changes across the sector. The innovation team is tasked with studying new solutions and operating models to meet the future needs of the electricity network. Our activities are geared towards the sustainable, socially rational development of distribution network activities. A smart electricity network will form the foundation of the energy transition and a well-functioning society. Unless we have a functioning electricity network free of disruptions, we will not be able to supply energy where it is needed.  

Improving the customer experience is one of the cornerstones of our operations, and we want to ensure that the energy transition does not leave any customers behind. We aim to ensure that customers have greater opportunities to participate in the energy market and a better capacity to affect their own energy costs. Electricity distribution is becoming more diversified, and in the future, electricity will be transmitted from the network to the customer, but also from the customer to the network as well as between customers.

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