Ethical principles

Values and Code of Conduct

Our company's values and Code of Conduct define how we work and manage the company.

Our Code of Conduct and company policy include our statements on and commitments to the sustainable development principles, and they form the basis of how we work. Our Code of Conduct defines how we take care of our assets, how we work together and treat each other, and how we conduct the electricity distribution business. Every Caruna employee has completed an online training course covering the Code of Conduct.

Materiality analysis

Our corporate responsibility is based on a materiality analysis, which is an analysis of the requirements and needs of our key stakeholders, as well as an assessment of the significance of these factors to Caruna's business.

The analysis covers the needs of our personnel, our various customer segments, municipalities, authorities, civic organisations, our owners, our financiers, our contractors, and our contractual suppliers in terms of the security of the electricity supply, social and societal responsibility, environmental responsibility, and financial responsibility.

A comprehensive materiality analysis is carried out at least once every three years, and the need for updates is verified annually as part of the business performance management process. The materiality analysis is supplemented by various impact assessments related to different stakeholders or specific themes, such as environmental impact assessments.

We updated our materiality analysis in spring 2021. Our stakeholders gave a similar assessment to Caruna's in-house evaluation. Above all, Caruna is expected to ensure social responsibility, reasonable prices, open communications, and stakeholder dialogue. In particular, open communication, combating climate change, and cost-efficiency have grown in importance in recent years.

Read about our value creation model in our annual report


I dare to act

  • I dare to set my goals high and strive to do things better. I believe that the current state needs to be challenged.
  • I want to assume responsibility and I dare to make decisions. At the same time, I am willing to give responsibility and ready to trust.
  • I allow mistakes, both by me and my colleagues. I promise to review my mistakes and learn from them.
  • I act in a straightforward manner; I focus on facts and communicate and give feedback sincerely and with respect.
  • Our job involves safety risks. Safety always comes first and we never compromise on it.

With good energy

  • I strive to make things simple and easy. Unnecessary bureaucracy and complexity do not belong to our culture – they consume energy and not increase it.
  • I am curious and willing to learn new, both at my job and in the world outside.
  • I always keep my promises. Complete trust is the core of our straightforward culture.
  • Every one of us is the face and voice of Caruna. I play my part with joy and pride.
  • If I notice that my colleague needs cheering up, I want to do so. If (s)he needs support or a shoulder to lean on, I offer it.


  • We exist for our customers. They get the best results when we act seamlessly together.
  • Collaboration requires active interaction of us: communication about what we do and interest in each other’s work.
  • We want to meet and get to know each other, both as professionals and persons, across team and department boundaries. We always keep our partners involved.
  • I contribute to our good team spirit. In our interactions, there should be joy, laughter, high fives and a “let’s do it” mindset.
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