Ethical principles

Values and Code of Conduct

Our company's values and Code of Conduct define how we work and manage the company.

Our Code of Conduct and company policy include our statements on and commitments to the sustainable development principles, and they form the basis of how we work. Our Code of Conduct defines how we take care of our assets, how we work together and treat each other, and how we conduct the electricity distribution business. Every Caruna employee has completed an online training course covering the Code of Conduct.


I dare to act

  • I always prioritize safety and intervene in deviations immediately. I dare to set high standards for my work and strive to do things better. I constructively question the current state.
  • I take responsibility and dare to make decisions. At the same time, I am willing to delegate responsibility and trust others. I dare to ask for help. I review my mistakes and learn from them. Making mistakes is human.
  • I am open to others' ideas and encourage them to be brought forward. I am straightforward in my actions: I handle things as they are, communicate and provide feedback directly and openly, while respecting others. I accept feedback as feedback – the giver means well.

With good energy

  • I understand that creating a good working atmosphere is also my responsibility. I take care of my own well-being and that of others.
  • I try to do things agilely and simply.
  • I can be myself. I respect my colleagues. I am curious and want to learn new things, both at my job and in the world outside.
  • I keep my promises. Trust is the core of our straightforward culture.
  • Each of us is Caruna's voice and face. I am that, with joy and pride.


  • We exist for our customers. They get the best results from us when we work seamlessly together.
  • Cooperation requires me to communicate about what we do and to be interested in what others are doing. I also learn from others and share information openly.
  • I want to get to know others both as professionals and as people, across team and unit boundaries. I always keep our stakeholders involved. We celebrate successes together. Our encounters should be joyful, filled with laughter and a spirit of getting things done.
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