We aim to guide our customers and Finnish society through the energy transition and ensure that carbon neutrality is achieved according to the schedule.

It is our job to safeguard high-quality, cost-efficient, and sustainable electricity distribution for our customers under all conditions. We have selected five focal areas that will help us to carry out this demanding task.

Our five strategic focus areas


Future-proof, efficient, and profitable activity

Our goal is for our customers to receive an effortless service. We continuously develop our digital services so we can serve our customers flexibly in the ways that suit them best. We take into account the future needs of our customers, the development of the energy market and regional differences in the development of the electricity network.


Effective use of system management and data

Our electricity network must be capable of responding to changes in the operating environment. The most important thing is to develop our electricity network so that it is weather-proof and capable of responding to changes in the operating environment.


Cooperation with decision-makers and the authorities

Over the years, we have accumulated plenty of expertise and information on the importance of the electricity network to the proper functioning of society. We know our network area and our customers. We share information with decision-makers, and we pay attention to their wishes regarding our operations.


Potential for growth in regulated electricity distribution

Electricity distribution must function in Finland under all conditions. Stricter regulations, the energy transition, and the efficiency requirements imposed on the electricity network require electricity distributors to possess expertise and financial resources.

Finland's electricity distribution market is highly decentralised, with a total of 77 distribution companies. The smallest of these have fewer customers overall than the number of new customers that come to Caruna Group every year, so we expect a certain amount of consolidation to occur in the future. We stand ready to engage in cooperation with the other operators in the sector in this regard.


Other opportunities to support the competitiveness of regulated operations

If the energy transition requires it, we may also consider engaging in business activities or providing services that are beyond the scope of regulation. These must support the regulated operations or be essential to their success.

Value-added services must be genuinely beneficial to our customers and society. These may include services related to demand-side management or, for example, batteries for storing electricity. Our new organisation also creates possibilities for development in these directions.

Vision and mission

Our vision is a million satisfied customers. 

Our mission is to help our customers and society in the energy transition. We are actively working to foster the energy transition by taking into consideration the overall interests of our customers and the security of supply for society. Our mission is also at the heart of our corporate responsibility programme.