Authorisation and power of attorney

Sometimes you cannot take care of everything yourself. In such a case, you can authorise another person to act on your behalf.

We need written and signed authorisation for a person to act on behalf of private or corporate customer in the form of a power of attorney.

If you would like to authorise someone else to act on your behalf in Caruna's self-service channel, you can grant representation rights to your selected person or corporate customer user on Caruna+. In such a case, no other authorisation is required.

It is easy to send a power of attorney to Caruna


Fill in a power of attorney

Fill in and sign a power of attorney. Follow the link below to access a power of attorney template.

Download the template

Submit the form

Enter the basic details on the form to ensure your power of attorney is processed quickly. Attach the signed power of attorney document (for example, in PDF format). Identify yourself using your personal online banking credentials and submit the form.

Open the form

Limiting the authorisation

You can limit the authorisation as follows

Full authorisation

  • Full authorisation means that the customer authorises another person or company to act on their behalf with Caruna in all matters concerning the customer relationship. Full authorisation also entitles the party to sign agreements on the customer's behalf.

Caruna+ authorisation

  • Caruna+ authorisation means that the customer authorises another person or company to act as their representative in the Caruna+ service. The authorisation does not entitle the person to interact with Caruna in any other way. If you are a private customer, you can grant representation rights to a selected person on Caruna+. If you are a corporate customer, you can create a Caruna+ account for yourself and add the users who can represent your company. To do this, you must be entitled to sign on behalf of the company or be the company's designated administrator.
  • In the self-service channel, the representative or user added to the corporate account may make the changes allowed on Caruna+, including altering the due dates of invoices or editing the customer's contact details.

Limited authorisation

  • You can limit the authorisation you grant depending on your needs. For example, you may limit it to certain agreements, connections or metering points. Make sure you describe the limitation as accurately as possible in your power of attorney. For example, you can authorise an electrical contractor or consultant to obtain consumption data for your chosen points or time periods.

A power of attorney is valid for up to two years unless you specifically limit the validity to a shorter period.

Filling in the authorisation

What information should a power of attorney contain?

Caruna's power of attorney template contains the details that should be provided to ensure efficient service. You can also use your own template, as long as it contains the following information:

Who is granting authorisation (the authorising party)

Private customer

  • Customer name
  • Phone number
  • Personal ID code
  • Customer numberĀ 
  • If authorisation is being granted for a customer relationship with several people (such as the parties to a death estate or a group customer relationship), you should attach documentation proving your entitlement to grant authorisation.

Corporate customer

  • Company representative (authorised to sign for the company)
  • Phone number
  • Business ID
  • Customer number

Who is being authorised (the authorised party)

Private person

  • Name of the authorised party
  • Personal ID code
  • Phone number
  • Email address


  • Representative of the authorised company
  • Business ID of the authorised company
  • Phone number
  • Email address

What the power of attorney authorises the party to do

State the actions you are authorising the party to take in as much detail as possible. A power of attorney can be used to authorise someone to handle an entire customer relationship, or you can limit it so that it only applies to certain metering points of specific information about the customer relationship, such as invoices or consumption data.

Validity of power of attorney

  • The power of attorney may be valid for a maximum of two years.
  • Signature to the power of attorney
    • City
    • Date
    • Signature of the person granting power of attorney (note that a power of attorney to act on behalf of a company must be signed by a person authorised to sign for the company)
    • Printed name

Processing a power of attorney

The form and the attached power of attorney are saved in the granting party's customer details so that it is ready when the authorised person contacts Caruna.

If the power of attorney authorises a party to act in Caruna's self-service channel (Caruna+), we will grant representation rights in accordance with your authorisation as quickly as possible.

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