Manage your electricity matters with ease in Caruna+

Caruna+ enables you to monitor your electricity consumption, view your contract details, pay your invoices or, if necessary, postpone the payment date. The service is available 24 hours a day.  

You can log in easily using your online banking credentials or register for a Caruna+ account and use that to log in. The browser-based service can be used on any device. All you need to do is log in by pressing the login button in the top-right corner of our website.

Caruna Plus Energiaseuranta

Monitor your electricity consumption

You can learn about your electricity consumption with the help of energy monitoring. It shows the electricity consumption of your home or other property down to the individual hour. The energy monitoring service also helps you to find the best value electricity distribution product for you. Our energy advice service provides an email alert if the electricity consumption in your home or summer cottage has increased substantially.

Poikkeuksia aukioloajoissamme ja palveluissamme helmikuussa - valmistaudumme datahubin käyttöönottoon

Subscribe to power cut messages

Caruna+ enables you to activate the Sähkövahti alert service, and you will receive our notices of upcoming planned electricity distribution outages and failures by text message or email.

Registration is easy with your online banking credentials

To create a new user account, you need a working email address. After registration, you can log in to the service with your user account, whether in the browser or the mobile app. Your user account consists of your email address and a password of your choice.


You can register a new user account or log in to the service without registration using your online banking credentials. We use your online banking credentials to verify your identity and ensure the secure use of the service. Identification is only performed once.


To register, you will need your customer number and point of delivery number. You can identify yourself using your personal online banking credentials.

General instructions on using Caruna+

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, press the "Forgotten your password?" button. Enter your email address, your mobile phone number and the verification text showing on the page and press the "Request a code to change password" link. You will be sent a link to your email that you can use to change your password.

Using the service on behalf of a housing company or another person

If you are authorised to act in Caruna's electronic services on behalf of another person or, for example, on behalf of a housing company you represent, register for Caruna+ with your online banking credentials. You can see the customer accounts you represent in your own user account information.

Granting representation rights to another user

If you want to grant another person a right to view your information and edit your invoicing details, update the user ID of your representative in your user account information.  

Both customers must have accounts on Caruna+ in order for representation rights to be granted.

Follow these instructions: 

  • Log in to Caruna+ by pressing the login button in the top-right corner of our website 
  • On the left side, select the "Powers of attorney and representation rights" page, and press the "Manage representation rights" button under your details. 
  • Enter the user ID of the person who will represent you, and press add 
  • Ask the representative to accept the representation, and the representation will be activated
Authorisation and power of attorney

Sometimes you cannot take care of everything yourself. In such a case, you can authorise another person to act on your behalf. We need written and signed authorisation for a person to act on behalf of private or corporate customer in the form of a power of attorney. Additional information regarding authorisation and power of attorney can be found from the link below.

Read more about authorisation