View your electricity consumption with the help of energy monitoring

Energy monitoring is a free service available in Finnish, Swedish, and English at any time with Caruna+ credentials. With this service, you can track your electricity consumption in detail and make energy-efficient decisions that positively impact your wallet.

Monitor your electricity consumption

You can monitor your electricity consumption by year, month, week, day of the week or hour. The monitoring service helps you find out how much electricity is consumed in your home and how much electricity you have saved. Electricity consumption data is updated in the service the following day.

Find the best value electricity distribution product for you

You can compare electricity distribution products and the related costs in relation to your consumption. If you use a time-of-day electricity distribution product (such as Night-time Distribution), you will see how much you consume at different times of day.

And much more

The service enables you to view a temperature chart alongside you consumption data and download hourly consumption data for your use.

Begin monitoring

If you are a Caruna customer 

  • Register for Caruna+ in the top-right corner of our website. To register, you will need online banking credentials and a working email address. As a corporate customer, you can also register using your customer number and point of delivery number. This information is stated on your electricity distribution invoice. 
  • When you have a user account, you can log in to the service by pressing the login button in the top-right corner of Caruna's website.

​Granting a representation right to another user 

If you want to grant another person a right to view your information, update the user ID of your representative in your user account information. 

Both customers must have accounts on Caruna+ in order for representation rights to be granted.  

  • Log in to the service by pressing the login button in the top-right corner of Caruna's website  
  • On the left side, go to "Powers of attorney and representation rights", and press the "Manage representation rights" button under representation rights. 
  • Enter the user ID of the person who will represent you, and press save 
  • Ask the representative to accept the representation, and it will be activated

​Using the service on behalf of another person or a housing company 

If you are authorised to act in Caruna's electronic services on behalf of another person or, for example, on behalf of a housing company you represent, register for Caruna+ with your online banking credentials. You can see the customer accounts you represent in your own user account information.