This page contains forms for quick and easy service.

I need electricity

Electricity connection to a new address

Order a new permanent electricity connection or medium-voltage connection to a plot of land, a new property or any other site.

Temporary electricity

Order a temporary electricity connection if the electricity network is still under construction or if you need more electricity than normal during construction work.

Notify a change of owner of electricity connection

An electricity connection is movable property, which is not automatically transferred to the new owner of a real estate. Use this form to notify us of changes to the owner of an electricity connection. The new owner of the connection is responsible for submitting the notification.

My electricity needs have changed

Enlarging an electricity connection

Order a larger connection right if you need more power for your electricity connection. Also, report any changes to the main distribution board and/or connection line.

Electricity tax and tax category change

Use this form to report a change in your electricity tax bracket. When you have submitted the form, you will be shown a summary of the information you entered, and you will receive a confirmation form to sign.

Enquiry on the power of an electricity connection

Use this form to contact us if you are a consultant or electrical engineer or if you are investigating a matter such as the remaining capacity in a connection to an apartment building. If you request information on behalf of the owner of the connection, you will need a power of attorney.

Changes to the electricity network

Order change work to the electricity network

Request a quote for Caruna's electricity network to be changed if, for example, the electricity network hinders construction or blights the scenery from your cottage.

I would like to terminate an electricity connection

Transferring a connection to maintenance

Order the transfer of an electricity connection into maintenance if you do not need electricity temporarily but want to maintain your connection rights to Caruna's electricity distribution network.

Terminate an electricity connection

You can use this form to terminate your electricity connection when you no longer need electricity on the plot. A new electricity connection will be required in order to supply electricity to the plot again at a later date.

Faults and disruptions in electricity distribution

Contact us using the chat feature on the outage map

If the outage map does not show a power cut in your area and you have not received any messages from us about the power cut, contact us using the chat feature on the outage map at any time of day.

Damage and compensation

Submit a claim for compensation

You can choose whether to submit a compensation claim to Caruna or to your insurance company. Submit the claim within a reasonable time of the date you noticed the damage (2–3 months). We process claims on a case-by-case basis.


Fill in our general request form

Use the general request form to place an order with Caruna for the network company work needed to advance a customer's matter and report changes in the customer's equipment. Complete the general request form on Caruna+ when you have information about the work and you have verified that the customer you represent has taken the necessary action.