Caruna ready to net small-scale production

The new amendment to the Government Decree allows hourly netting of small-scale production and consumption. This means that Caruna will automatically compensate for production that is not used in a one-hour period in the small-scale producer's distribution invoice.

All small-scale producers of electricity are transferred to automatic netting as of 1 January 2021, without any action required on the customer's part.

Link to the Government Decree

The electric meters of small-scale producers in Caruna's network areas have from the start balanced small-scale production and consumption of electricity momentarily between phases. In the future, the position of small producers of electricity will be further enhanced as Caruna will net small-scale production and consumption on an hourly basis.

Any unused surplus production transferred to the distribution network within one hour will reduce the small producer's distribution invoice by the corresponding amount. If the hourly electricity consumption is less than the surplus production, the electricity supplier will pay compensation for the surplus production.

Caruna does not collect a fee for the distribution of the production to the distribution network, but a small producer needs to have an agreement for the sales of any surplus production. The easiest way to conclude an agreement is to contact the current electricity supplier. Electricity suppliers can also be compared and invited to tender through an online service.

How automatic netting works and benefits small-scale producers

  1. On a fine summer day, Caruna distributes, for example, 2 kWh of electricity from the distribution network to a small-scale producer between 12 noon and 1 pm. 
  2. Within the same hour, the small producer's solar panels generate 5 kWh of solar power.
  3. The small producer uses 2 kWh of this production, while 3 kWh is distributed to Caruna's distribution network through the electric meter in the home.
  4. Caruna deducts the 3 kWh surplus production, which has been distributed to the distribution network, from the 2 kWh of electricity distributed from the distribution network.
  5. The small producer pays nothing for electricity distributed between 12 noon and 1 pm from the distribution network. Instead, the small producer will be compensated by the electricity retailer for the remaining 1 kWh surplus production.

This is how billing for small-scale production and energy monitoring will change

  • The small producer's Caruna distribution invoice shows the amount of consumption to be invoiced after netting. The hourly surplus production has, in other words, already been deducted from the amount of electricity that has been distributed within the same hour to the small producer from Caruna's distribution network.
  • The Caruna+ online service shows the small producer the consumption to be invoiced, i.e., the same information as can be found on the distribution invoice. Additionally, the small producer can see the amount of surplus production after netting, for which the electricity retailer will compensate the small producer.
  • In the future, the Caruna+ app will offer the small producer versatile measurement data. From the app, the small producer can see the netted amount of surplus production, the amount of electricity to be invoiced, and the amount of surplus production to be compensated for. The data will be updated in the app no later than February 2021.  

As a small-scale producer, you do not need to take any action as this change applies to you automatically. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us via our live chat so that we can go over the issue together!

Please remember to download the Caruna+ app!

Get Caruna+ for your phone or tablet from your app store. With energy monitoring, you can monitor measurement data to the nearest hour. 

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