Congratulations Heikki! – the e-Jopo is on its way to Espoo

Caruna arpoi eJopon.
Caruna had a campaign from 21 March to 30 March 2023 where we raffled an e-Jopo to all our private customers that activated the electronical services.

During the campaign there was 3,500 activations made and the raffle took place between these customers on the 4 April 2023. The lucky raffle ticket was drawn by Heikki in Espoo, who is going to soon receive a white e-Jopo. Congratulations Heikki!

Activate electronical services easily on Caruna Plus

Activation of electronical services means that our customer will receive all information by e-mail instead of regular mail.

“We still recommend our customers to activate the faster and easier way of communication, electronical services, on Caruna Plus” says Carunas Tiia Selonen.


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