Noora Neilimo-Kontio appointed as Caruna's CFO and deputy CEO

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Noora Neilimo-Kontio nimitetty Carunan talous- ja varatoimitusjohtajaksi
Caruna's SVP People, Public Affairs & Regulation, Noora Neilimo-Kontio, MSc (Econ.), was appointed as Caruna's CFO and deputy CEO as of 13 June 2022. She reports to CEO Jyrki Tammivuori.

"The electrification of industry and heating and the increase in Finnish and renewable energy production require the Finnish electricity network to be smart and flexible, with the capacity for expansion. The company aims to modernise its electricity network continuously to meet the needs of the energy transition, which will require investments in the coming years to develop the electricity network. Noora Neilimo-Kontio has a wealth of experience in the energy sector, and this will be invaluable to us as we manage the company through the new reality of today's world," says CEO Jyrki Tammivuori.

"I am delighted to be involved in advancing the company's strategy to drive the energy transition required for Finland to achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral. Caruna plays a key role in this as a part of the critical infrastructure of society. Every day, we work towards ensuring that our customers' day-to-day lives run smoothly. The energy system of the future will be built through systematic, well-planned actions," says CFO and deputy CEO Noora Neilimo-Kontio.

In addition to her duties as CFO and deputy CEO, Neilimo-Kontio will continue to be responsible for strategic, PR and regulatory issues, as well as communications and marketing.

Noora Neilimo-Kontio has been a member of Caruna's Management Team since 12 March 2020.

Noora Neilimo-Kontio's career in summary:

13 June 2022 - Caruna's CFO and deputy CEO

10/2021 - SVP People, Public Affairs & Regulation, Caruna

8/2017 - Head of Strategy and Regulation, Caruna

01/2014 - Head of Business Control, Caruna

Before she joined Caruna, Noora Neilimo-Kontio worked as a management consultant in a range of business, strategy and financial development roles at EY and Accenture.

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