Weather-proof development ensures our customers daily lives run smoothly

Article 16.09.2020 - 13:31
Storm Mauri in 1982 has stayed in my mind: I was outdoors walking with a friend of mine when suddenly huge trees started falling down around us. The situation was frightening and it felt like the wind would take us with it. After Mauri, there have been many other storms, and in my work, I am still vigilant when storms strike. Do customers get help quickly in fault situations and how well are we able to meet customer expectations in a crisis?

Climate change intensifies extreme weather phenomena. Storms fell millions of trees every year. Almost half of the power cuts in our electricity network that last more than three minutes are related to weather. In Finland, there are thankfully no power cuts that darken whole towns. The reason for this not happening is not because it would not be possible but because we have worked systematically on electricity network improvement measures and maintenance. During storms, the role of customer service is highlighted: it must be possible to handle customer contacts quickly around the clock.

We want to provide the best service to our customers, and also tell them about it​

Caruna launches the first marketing campaign in its history Weather-proof development, because we want to reach our customers better, tell them about our services and about what we do. It is important for us to ensure a smoothly running daily life for all our customers, both in the homes and companies as well as in municipalities. I hope that with the help of marketing, our customers will find their way to the exact services that can help their daily lives.

Electricity network is the spine of the society: without electricity, homes stay warm for 24 hours on average. Our aim with weather-proof development is that in future, Finns can feel even safer. Our most important task is to distribute electricity to our customers and to produce a smoothly operating network service. This is what we want to share.


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