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Development plans for Caruna’s electricity network ready for customer hearing

Caruna organises a customer hearing for both of its network companies, Caruna Espoo Oy and Caruna Oy. The aim is to hear about the opinions and needs of customers and stakeholders regarding the development of the electricity network and to ensure that the plan meets expectations. The hearings will be open from 1 to 31 May 2024.
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Hats off to the municipalities in Caruna's network area for occupational safety

Safety is a team effort at Caruna. We are not satisfied with fulfilling the letter of the law – we want to do more. That is why during the last 18 months, we have provided safety training for almost 700 employees of municipalities and their partners within the 51 municipalities of our network area. Safety
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Caruna to hand out awards for good safety performance today

Caruna handed out safety awards to Netel Oy, N3M Oy and Jaki-Matik Oy today. This is the fifth time Caruna has given safety awards, and the criteria for these awards were reliable partnership and exemplary individual performance in relation to safety.
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