Privacy policy

Processing of personal data

We process personal data in compliance with laws and regulations, reasonably and transparently. Read about the processing of personal data at customer register.

Access to your data

You can view and update your customer and contract details on our online service, Caruna+. The service shows your electricity distribution bills, contracts, electricity consumption data, and much more besides. Log in or register as a user by pressing the button in the top corner of the website.

You are also entitled to submit a request to access the data held about you and receive a copy of the personal data that Caruna processes about you. In order to protect personal data, we must verify your identity in order to process the data access request. For this reason, data access requests should, as a rule, be submitted using an online form or in person at Caruna's offices in Espoo.

Please note that data access requests are not intended for handling matters related to your customer account. If you would like to manage your contracts or matters related to your invoices, please contact Caruna's customer service or use our online service, Caruna+. 

Submit a data access request using an online form

You can submit a request for data access using the accompanying online form. 

When you press the "Data access request" button, your identity will be verified using your bank ID. Continue by selecting your online banking service. 

If the form does not open automatically after your identity has been verified, press the form button again. You can then fill in the data access request form and submit it.

If a data access request is submitted electronically, we will send the data in electronic form. Upon request, we may also send the data by mail.

Data access request

Submit a data access request in person

You can also submit a data access request in person at Caruna's offices at Upseerinkatu 2, Espoo. Please bring your passport or ID card with a photo: we will verify your identity using a valid, official identification document.

If a data access request is made in person, we will, as a rule, send the data in electronic form. Upon request, we may also send the data by mail.

Other ways of requesting access to data

If neither of the above options is suitable for you, you can print out the form from the website and fill it in by hand. Send the filled in form to:

Caruna Oy 
Data access request
PO Box 1 
00068 CARUNA, Finland

Data access request form

Alternatively, you can send the form to tietosuoja(a) Please note that we recommend encrypting emails containing confidential information.  

Data access requests that are sent by post or email must include a copy of a valid passport or ID card with a photo. We will send you a reply to the contact address in our register/in the Population Register System.

Other requests

Under data protection legislation, data subjects are entitled to object to the processing of personal data, request the rectification or erasure of personal data, request the restriction of data processing, and have their personal data transferred from one system to another under the circumstances specified in data protection legislation. Requests related to these rights should be made by contacting Caruna's data protection officer, as specified in the description of the relevant file.

Processing of requests

We will process your request within one month.

If a data subject requests multiple copies of the processed personal data, Caruna reserves the right to charge the data subject an hourly fee for the office work in accordance with the applicable price list.

We retain information related to requests for two years, after which the information is erased during the following calendar year.

Recording of phone calls

Caruna records incoming and outgoing phone calls to and from various functions, such as customer service, fault reporting, billing and the control centre. We record calls as proof of events and transactions and to improve our service.