Electricity shortage – What does it mean and how should I prepare?

Electricity must constantly be produced as much as it is consumed. An electricity shortage means a situation where electricity production and imports are not enough to cover electricity consumption. Consumption will then have to be restricted by momentarily cutting off electricity distribution.

An electricity shortage may be caused by insufficient forecast electricity production or imports to meet forecast consumption or production, and by a serious or simultaneous serious faults in the high-voltage distribution network.

Electricity shortages or heightened risks of electricity shortages are rare in Finland, but they are much discussed in various forums due to the security policy situation.

Caruna has prepared for electricity shortages with contingency and emergency plans. In Finland, the management of electricity shortages is coordinated by transmission system operator Fingrid together with the Nordic system operators.

If interruptions in electricity distribution are necessary, they will not affect the most critical functions of society, such as hospitals and major power plants. However, we cannot guarantee that power can be kept on at all sites identified as critical in the event of an electricity shortage. It is therefore important that contingency arrangements for these functions are considered in advance, as in the case of a normal power cut, for example due to a storm.

How can I reduce the risk of electricity shortages?

You can play your part by monitoring your electricity consumption and using electricity sparingly. Consumption should be avoided when electricity consumption is highest in the country: weekday mornings and afternoons, especially in winter.

In Finnish homes, the most electricity is consumed by household appliances, the sauna, and lighting. In electrically heated detached houses, the most electricity is consumed by heating the home and water with electricity. Savings can be achieved by adjusting the temperature slightly downwards.


Start monitoring you electricity consumption

It is easy to reduce electricity consumption by changing your habits once you have become familiar with how you use electricity. Regular monitoring of your own consumption in the Caruna+ electricity monitoring service will help.

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Take advantage of the load control service

With the load control service in the Caruna+ app, you can change the connection times of your appliances to the cheapest hours without compromising on living comfort. You can also charge your electric car during the night using load control.

You will benefit from load control especially if you have exchange electricity – you have the potential for significant cost savings.

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Subscribe to power cut notifications and follow the media

If electricity distribution is restricted, we will do our best to inform you of this both by SMS and on our website. You should also follow the news and information from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and transmission system operator Fingrid.

You should always have your contact details up to date in the Sähkövahti service.

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Prepare for a power cut caused by an electricity shortage

You should be prepared in advance, especially if you have elderly people or small children in your household.
If you have been cut off due to an electricity shortage, the most important thing is to remain calm and wait for the electricity to come back on. A power cut will last about two hours at a time.

Preparing for power cuts


Why are electricity shortages topical now?

The risk of electricity shortages is widely discussed for several reasons, for example

  • Electricity and gas imports from Russia have ended.
  • Nordic water reserves are lower than normal because of the dry summer. Autumn rains can change the situation.
  • Possible delay in the commissioning of the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant.
  • Variability of renewable energy production.
Why will it be necessary to restrict electricity distribution?

In an electricity shortage, electricity production and imports are not enough to cover electricity consumption.

When production equals consumption again, the shortage will end and electricity distribution to customers will be restored to normal according to Fingrid's instructions.

In an electricity shortage, cutting off customers is a last resort to balance the situation.

Will the restrictions apply to all Caruna customers?

Yes, but customers critical to ensuring the functioning of society (such as hospitals) will not be cut off.

Any power cuts will be limited to two hours per customer and will be rotated. Caruna cuts off the electricity at the request of the transmission system operator. The purpose of the power cuts is to ensure that the entire Finnish electricity network does not lose power.

How will I know when a power cut applies to me?

You will have heard about this through the media, as the authorities will communicate the matter widely.

We do our best to inform our own customers in advance of power cuts by SMS and on our website. You will get a message when the electricity is cut off and when it is restored. You should always keep your contact details up to date to make sure you get the messages.

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Should I acquire a generator?

You should consider the criticality of your activities. A normal household may not need to prepare. Computers and modems will not work, so if these are necessary, you can also secure a single device.

Livestock farmers and production operators critically dependent on electricity supply should give particular thought to preparedness.

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