Work sites

We are improving electricity distribution by means such as installing new poles, moving the electricity network cables underground, and pruning the branches and tree tops near power lines.

Follow the progress of construction and subscribe to work site messages

You can track construction progress in the electricity network and see timetables in our map service, where you can also subscribe to work site messages.

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Construction of the electrical network

We are improving electricity distribution by means such as installing new poles and moving the electricity network underground. We are also looking after the network by pruning tree tops and branches growing near power lines. 

There may be a brief interruption in the electricity supply when we dismantle old electricity network components or commission new ones. We communicate all outages in advance via the Sähkövahti service.

Electricity network construction takes 1–2 years on average


We commission project work from our contractors


We make a contract with the landowner

When our contractors arrange the locations of power lines, they always make written line area agreements and seek the consent of landowners.

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We begin to plan the network

This will take about six months, depending on the area. 


We start building the network

When the plan is complete, building the new electricity network can beging. Progress is affected by things like the terrain and the weather. You can track the progress of construction in our map service.

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We dismantle the old network and finalize the work

After the new electricity network is commissioned, we will dismantle the old electricity network and begin finalisation work. We will take the material away and tidy up the area to restore it to the state it was in prior to construction, at the very least.


Final check

Finally, we will check that everything is OK and ensure that the new electricity network has been installed properly, at a depth of at least 70 cm.

When we plan a project to improve the electricity network, we announce our plan to local residents by means such as customer events. If we decide to hold a webinar or a local event, we will send invitations by text message. Keep your contact details up to date in Caruna+ to ensure you receive an invitation.

You can browse the presentation materials and recordings on our Finnish website.  

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Please take care when you are near the work site

There may also be temporary routes and detours near the work site to make it safer to get around the area. 

Do not touch any power lines that are hanging down on the ground 
They may look harmless, but they could be live and highly dangerous. 

Do not move or take away the building materials or the markers for excavation routes 
If any materials (such as cable reels) need to be moved, please contact us via chat.

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