Land use contracts – A checklist & frequently asked questions

The land areas along the routes of our electricity network and the trees on them always belong to the landowners. If electricity network or lines must be located on a landowner's land, we conclude a contract and seek the consent of landowners regarding their location. 

The contract gives Caruna the right to use the area for locating the electricity network and at the same time, makes it possible for the landowner to set restrictions. A consent is used when no compensation is paid for the use of the land area. 

Preparation of the contract and payment of compensation

Land use contracts are concluded in two counterparts, one of them for the landowner and one for Caruna. The contractor authorized by us signs the contract on behalf of Caruna. If the land area has several owners, all the owners must either sign the contract or deliver powers of attorney.

Signing of the contract

The fastest and most convenient way to sign the contract is to do it electronically. The electronical signature is provided in a secure way using online banking credentials. We send a link for signing the contract by email. Electronic signature requires a Finnish banking service. 

If electronic signing is not possible, the contract can be signed in paper format, in which case the contractor delivers the contract to the landowner and with it, a return envelope. Postage is paid, so it is easy to post the contract. Possible attachments, such as powers of attorney, must be sent with the contract.

Payment of compensation

We pay a lump sump compensation in accordance with the contract to the landowner for the inconvenience caused by locating electric lines on the landowner's land. The lump sump compensation appears on the bank account notified by the customer within two months from the date we received the original signed contract and building work has started.

Advice for the landowner

The contractor is in contact with the landowner on whose land it is planned to locate the electricity network. The landowner and the contractor authorised by us agree about the location of the electric lines together.

It is recommended that the landowner prepares for the discussions with the contractor concerning the location of the electricity network with the help of the checklist below.

Landowner's checklist

Location of electricity network in the real estate area

How should the electricity network be located within the area of your real estate?  

As the landowner, you can present a proposal concerning the location of the electricity network that causes the minimum of inconvenience. We will take your proposal into account when planning the electric line.

Location of subsurface drains and lines

Where are subsurface drains and lines located?  

The location of the existing subsurface drains and lines must be clarified so that our contractor can avoid them during excavation works. Show the possible subsurface drain plans and subsurface line maps to the contractor.

Drive-in ramps

Where are the drive-in ramps leading to fields and forest plots located?  

If necessary, our contractor can use protective casing in these places or dig the cables deeper so that cable damage caused by mechanical strain can be avoided in the future. Please inform the contractor of your wishes for the location of distribution cabinets and secondary substations so that they will not be in the way of current or future drive-in ramps.

Excavation conditions

Where is excavation easiest and which areas should be avoided?  

To find the best possible route, we are interested in the excavation conditions on your real estate. Please inform our contractor about rocky areas, conservation sites, antiquities, protected animal species and animals!

Location of animal enclosures

Where are animal enclosures located?  

Distribution network is located outside enclosures whenever possible. Please show maps of possible animal enclosures to the contractor.

Working in field areas

What is the best time for working in your field area?  

We avoid building in field areas during the growth season, so please let our contractor know what the threshing and sowing times are. If building on fields during growth season cannot be avoided, we will reimburse the farmer for any inconvenience and losses. Please also let us know if your know of another measure that may restrict our constructor's activities on your fields.

Leased land areas

Are you leasing yourself or have you leased your land areas to others?  

Please inform us of the contact details of the lessee or the actual landowner. In that way, smooth flow of information and easier planning can be ensured.

Questions about land use and line area contracts

Where can I get further information about an electricity network building project or its schedule?

The best and most up-to-date information about a project and its schedule can be found in our map service. 

You can also contact the contractor direct. Their contact details are provided in the map service or on the site sign.  

Our contractor is responsible for cooperation with landowners during the planning and building stages.

See schedules and contact details
Why has the payment under the concluded line area contract not been made yet?

The compensation is paid to your account within two months of starting the construction work. This requires that the contract has been signed and delivered to Caruna. When we have received the contract, we will post the contractual compensation and the compensation proceeds to the payment list.

Who do I contact if I am not satisfied with the state of the area after the construction work?

Our contractor is responsible for finishing the excavation site to its original condition. If you want to discuss the finishing of the work, you can contact our contractor and agree about the matter with them. A good description and photos make the contractor's work easier.  

When it comes to finishing works, it is good to note that it takes about a year for the excavation site to blend into the environment. 

You can also send feedback via our map service.

Send your feedback
How do I claim compensation for damages caused on the site?

Possible damage caused during the work is primarily compensated by the contractor. In other words, if damage has occurred during the work, agree about the matter primarily with the contractor.  

Therefore, direct any claims during the electricity network planning and building stages direct to the contractor. If the matter cannot be resolved during our contractor, you can complete Caruna's damage report form.

Complete damage report form
What should I do when a long-term line area contract is about to expire?

Please contact our customer service. If we do not have time to cable the electric line before the end of the contract term, we will conclude a new contract. Our customer service will direct your contact forward.

Is it possible to move an electric line that runs through my yard?

It may be possible to move the electric line. For more information on moving an electric line and the related costs, please contact our customer service.

Are decommissioned electricity poles handed over to landowners?

Electricity poles are not handed over to landowners. Old poles contain wood preservatives that are hazardous for health, and for this reason, strict restrictions have been set for handing over and using the poles in the legislation concerning chemicals, the environment and waste. Municipal environmental authorities monitor the use of poles.

Can I have an originally orally agreed line area contract in writing?

An orally agreed contract can be confirmed in writing, but compensation is not paid for use of land area that has originally been agreed upon orally.

When will old electric lines be dismantled?

Old electric lines will only be dismantled when the new electricity network replacing it is in use. Dismantling works are usually carried out during winter.

What information do I need to have before I contact customer service?

In questions regarding land use contracts, we usually need more detailed information about your real estate, such as the parcel number or address.  

Line area use contracts are agreements between Caruna and landowners, and Caruna cannot divulge information concerning the contracts to third parties.