Caruna deltar i Rädda Barnen rf:s Mat och stöd-kampanj

Eldistributionsbolaget Caruna deltar i Rädda Barnen rf:s kampanj riktad för behövande familjer som delar ut bland annat presentkort för matbutiker till barnfamiljer. Med presentkortet får familjen mathjälp som hjälper konkret över den svåraste perioden.

"Support from companies is crucial for us, as it enables us to support the well-being of even more children and families. The situation for many families with children is currently particularly challenging, and all the assistance we can provide to them is much needed," says Aino Sarkia, an expert from Save the Children.

In addition to food assistance, the NGO supports children and young people by increasing online counseling support. Concerns can be discussed with a trustworthy adult. Save the Children promotes the realization of children's rights not only in Finland but also globally.

"It is important that children and families in vulnerable situations receive support. The support provided through this campaign helps families move forward in a tangible way," says Anne Pirilä, Caruna's Head of Communications and Public Affairs.

You can participate in the campaign at the following address:

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