Products and services

Electricity connections

Order a permanent electricity connection

Order a new permanent electricity connection or medium-voltage connection for a plot of land, a new property or for another site.

Order a temporary electricity connection

Temporary electricity connections are best suited to companies that need electricity temporarily for purposes such as professional construction sites, events or businesses such as summer ice cream kiosks.

Notify us of a change of electricity connection owner

Notify Caruna of a change in a connection's ownership. The new owner of the connection is responsible for submitting the notification.

Increase the size of your electricity connection

Increase the size of your connection right so that you are permitted to use larger main fuses.

Terminate an electricity connection

Terminate an electricity connection if your need for electricity has ended permanently.

Transfer a connection to maintenance

Transfer a connection to maintenance, i.e., close it temporarily, when the connection needs to be disconnected from the network due to the demolition of a building or if you do not need electricity now, but you may need it again in the future. 

Connection rates

Find out more about electricity connection rates and to the factors affecting it.

Service rates

Read more about service rates that are charged as a lump sum and as monthly charges, and find out about services that are free of charge. 

Home and real estate

Electricity distribution products

Read about Caruna's electricity distribution products and choose the most suitable product for you.

Change your distribution product

Select your metering method to suit your need for and consumption of electricity. You can change to a different product after one year.

Change your fuse size

Change your fuse size to the correct one and avoid blowing the fuse even when all the electrical devices are on. You will always need an electricity contractor for changing the fuse size.

Electricity production

Find out more about own electricity production and the opportunities it offers. Electricity production is divided into small-scale production and professional electricity production.

Charging an electric car

Read about charging options for electric cars and find the suitable charging solution for a detached house, a housing company, or a company.

Electricity distribution prices

Read what the electricity distribution fee consists of and see the price lists of Caruna’s two separate electricity distribution companies.

Electricity tax

Find out about the electricity tax, electricity tax categories and changing the electricity tax category.

Electricity network

Cable location information

Ask for our help on how to act safely near an electricity network – we offer services such as guidance and free-of-charge cable marking as needed.

Order change work to the electricity network

Request a quote for Caruna's electricity network to be changed if, for example, the electricity network hinders construction or blights the scenery from your cottage.