Electric motoring

Sähköauto sopii myös niille, joilla ei ole latausmahdollisuutta kotona

Charging an electric car 

The number of fully-electric vehicles and chargeable hybrid vehicles is increasing rapidly in Finland and around the world. The increase in electric cars is reflected both in the growth of the public charging point network and in the sale of private charging equipment. Both are increasing at a steady pace. 

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Charging solutions for electric cars 

When acquiring charging points for electric cars, it is worth taking into account factors such as the number of kilometres driven and the charging power needed, as well as the property's electrical system and the free capacity of the electricity connection. The condition, age and implementation of a residential building's electrical system have a big influence on the type of charging solutions recommended for the property and how safe it is to charge an electric car, for example directly from a household socket. 

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Using electric cars in housing companies 

What is your housing company's current capability for charging electric cars? How much free capacity does your housing company have, and how many cars could be charged with it? Read how to organise the charging of electric cars in your housing company.

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Acquisition of charging points in housing companies 

To install charging points for electric cars, the owner of the property must take a decision on the matter – in a housing company, this means a joint decision of the shareholders of the housing company in a general meeting. In decisions taken by housing companies, it is important that all shareholders are treated equally when costs and responsibilities are allocated.

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