Caruna's Service fee rates

We apply the below rates in all our network areas. If a job is performed outside working hours (weekdays 8am – 4pm), the service fee is doubled.

Free-of-charge services

  • Change of network service product (once a year)
  • Meter reading in normal reading rhythm and when moving house
  • Removal of meter
  • Advice on felling trees
  • Reconnection of electricity when moving house
  • Cable marking, when the order has been placed at least three working days in advance. Actual costs are charged for cable markings outside Caruna's network areas

Services invoiced as one-off payments

ServiceFee, EUR
Meter replacement or inspection at the customer's request when the meter in the inspection works properly200.00

Installation, connection and disconnection of meter reading systems at a construction site or temporary metering point

- One cable
- Additional cables



Change of meter location at the customer's request

- As a separate job
- With other jobs



Disconnection of equipment or reconnection to network150.00
Interruption of electricity supply due to non-payment40.00
Reconnection of electricity supply due to non-payment40.00
Sending a payment reminder (VAT 0%) ¹5.00
Conclusion of a payment agreement5.00
Electrician's call-out charge120.00
Hourly fee for office work50.00
Local reading of hourly metering100.00
Commissioning of pulse output10.00
Express delivery of a work order310.00
Connecting load control cables to the meter120.00

Change of meter to a version with HAN-interface

- As a separate work
- Along with other work



Services invoiced monthly

ServiceFee, EUR/month

Network service maintenance fee for max. 63 A connections ²

- Caruna Espoo Oy
- Caruna Oy



Network service maintenance fee for min. 63 A connections (0,4 kV)

- Caruna Espoo Oy
- Caruna Oy



Network service maintenance fee for 20 kV connections

- Caruna Espoo Oy
- Caruna Oy



1) For late payment, interest on arrears is charged in accordance with the Interest Act
2) The network service maintenance fee is invoiced if the customer wants to suspend the use of electricity but keep the connection contract in force. The maintenance fee is also charged if a network service contract has not been concluded by the end of the calendar year following the completion of a new electricity connection.

What do the different service charges mean?

Electrician's call-out charge

To be charged if Caruna's partner contractor cannot work at the agreed time due to possible installation deficiencies or in fault work if it is found that the fault is on the side of the customer's network.

Disconnecting equipment or reconnecting it to network

To be charged once per work/connection when the equipment is momentarily de-energized, or when alterations are made to the connection line by the customer's contractor. Also charged when a maintenance connection is reconnected less than one year after changing the connection status to maintenance.

Meter transfer

To be charged when an electric meter is transferred from one place to another. For example, when a meter is moved from an existing switchboard to a new one at the time of replacing a switchboard.

Express delivery

Connection of an electricity connection or another service work as express delivery within 1–9 working days. The possibility of express delivery is always checked on a case-by-case basis.

Hourly fee for office work

To be charged on a case-by-case basis when, at a separate request, more extensive information searches are performed, which are available in the customer's self-service channels. Also charged if a customer cancels a connection order and work has already been performed for the order.

Collection of overdue invoices is handled by Ropo Capital and Intrum

Costs in accordance with the law concerning collection of receivables are charged for collection measures. In the amount of costs relating to the collection measures performed by Ropo Capital and Intrum Oy, also the measures taken at the collection stage in accordance with the Electricity Market Act (for example sending a warning concerning disconnection) are taken into account.