Order change work to the electricity network

If the electricity network hinders construction or blights the scenery from your cottage, you can request a quote to have it moved.

For minor changes, such as altering the supports on a pole, you will receive a quote immediately. In other cases, our contractor will make an agreement with you for a site visit in order to map out the necessary alterations. After the site visit, you will receive a quote for the alteration. 

We only issue quotes for moving the electricity network. If you also need to move other infrastructure, such as phone or street lighting lines, please contact the relevant operator or the municipality. Take a look at our map service to see if we have any ongoing network improvement projects nearby and if we could carry out your alteration at the same time. 

Alteration work costs at least EUR 500, and the delivery time is at least two months. Some of this time is needed to apply for land-use permits and purchase the necessary materials. We charge for any service work related to alterations, such as moving the meter to a new centre, in accordance with our service price list. 

Alteration work step by step

  1. Find out who owns the lines and equipment that will be moved 
  2. Use the form to request a quote for the change to the electricity network 
  3. We will inspect your request and order the necessary preliminary planning 
  4. Our contractor partner will contact you to arrange a time for a joint site visit. 
  5. The contractor will plan the work and calculate the price based on the site visit 
  6. You will receive a quote for the costs and delivery time of the work. The quote will be valid for one month 
  7. When we receive the signed quote, we will order the work from our contractor 
  8. We will invoice for the alteration after completion 
Request a quote for change to the electricity network

Frequently asked questions about changes to the electricity network

I would like to replace my connection line or move the overhead line away from the wall. Can I get a network alteration quote for this work?

You should use your own electricity contractor to make alterations to the connection line. The connection line is owned by the connection owner, and you are responsible for maintaining it. For this reason, it may be necessary to update the connection contract. 

The power lines I want to move are located on my land, and I have an excavator ready. Can I get a discount if I carry out the excavation myself?

Please provide your requirement when requesting a quote, so that we can consider it in pre-planning. If the route concerns a line connection through your own plot, you may be permitted to excavate the cable route yourself. A final decision on the matter will be made when preparing the quote.

The electricity network is in bad condition and needs to be refurbished in any event. Why do I need to pay for it to be moved/cabled?

We take into consideration the ages of the existing network components when we calculate our quotes. It is most efficient to refurbish large sections of the electricity network at a time. Visit our map service to see whether there is a Caruna network improvement programme underway in your area and if we could carry out your work at the same time. 

What happens if the work cannot be done as stated in the preliminary plan? Will it affect the price? 

Minor changes do not affect the price. The work can be carried out on the condition that we receive land-use permits with normal terms for the section of the electricity network being moved.