Connection to the medium voltage network

Overview of medium voltage connections

A medium voltage connection is a direct connection to Caruna's medium voltage electricity distribution network. In general, a medium voltage connection is needed when the power demand exceeds 0.7 MVA. For electricity production connections, the limit starts at 0.3 MVA.

The electricity supply of a medium voltage connection takes place at a voltage of 20 kilovolts. The medium voltage connection is intended for companies that are large electricity users, such as shopping centres and industrial facilities.

Connections exceeding 15 MVA are usually connected to the high voltage distribution network. The power limits are indicative and can be deviated from if there are justified reasons.

Find out about connectivity on Caruna's capacity map

When the power demand or the power of the production facility is known, network connectivity at the desired location is first determined and preliminary implementation planning is carried out. From Caruna's capacity map, you can tentatively check whether there is space for the connection in the medium voltage network.

Preliminary planning of the electricity connection begins when Caruna has checked the connectivity of the connection. Preliminary planning defines the delivery time of the connection and the expansion costs of connecting to the electricity network.

Check the free capacity of the medium voltage network in the map service

From Caruna's map service, you can check the capacity situation of the medium voltage electricity network in your selected area. From the service, you can contact us by making a preliminary study request about a medium voltage connection.

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Free network capacity

The map tentatively shows the points in Caruna's network to which consumption or production of 1–5 MVA can be connected. The result shown on the map needs to be checked with Caruna. You can make a contact request in the map service.

Contractor instructions for medium voltage connections

Contractor, looking for instructions on medium voltage connections? You can find the instructions for the planning, commissioning and protection of a medium voltage connection on our contractor page.

Check out the instructions (in Finnish)