Changes to the electrical equipment

Electrical equipment includes the property's electrical devices, lines and switchboards. If you need to update the electrical equipment on a property, contact an electricity contractor.

Electrical equipment includes the property's electrical devices, lines and switchboards. If you need to update the electrical equipment on a property, contact an electricity contractor. An electricity contractor approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) will ensure that your property is electrified safely and correctly. 

The electricity contractor will check the necessary changes to the property's electrical equipment based on your needs and take the relevant steps. For example, your contractor will notify us if changes are made to the main distribution board or connecting line of the connection or additional electricity meters are required under the connection. If the changes require Caruna's contractor to take action, we will order them on the basis of your electricity contractor's notification. 

Changes to the main distribution board and connection line are often necessary if a connection is changed, especially if the connection size is upgraded or the connection goes into maintenance. In connection with changes, please ensure that the ownership of the connection is up to date and that you have placed any necessary orders for changes to the connection in good time. 

Ordering the alteration of electrical equipment step by step


Is the ownership of your electricity connection up to date?

When changes are made to the electrical equipment, it is a good time to check that the rest of your connection affairs are up to date. Report a change of owner on Caruna+.

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Are your connection rights large enough?

Are you installing larger fuses alongside other changes to the electrical equipment? You should always consult an electricity contractor when you change the fuse size. The contractor will check which size of fuse you need and change the fuse bases and fuses if necessary. Your contractor will notify us of the changes.  

Note that when you increase the fuse size, the connection's main fuses must not be larger than your connection right. Check your connection right on Caruna+. If it is insufficient for the larger fuses, contact us to order an upgrade of your connection right.

Increase the size of your electricity connection

Find an electricity contractor

The electricity contractor will make the necessary changes to your electrical equipment and notify us of the changes. A professional electricity contractor will ensure that your property is electrified safely and correctly. 


Your electricity contractor will send a notification to Caruna of the changes, if necessary

By submitting the notification, your electrical contractor certifies that the alterations have been carried out according to the regulations and that the new installations can be connected to the electricity network safely. We must receive the contractor's notification in good time, no later than three weeks before the desired date of the work. The alteration works may require Caruna's contractor to take action, which we will charge for in accordance with our service rates. 


We will order the necessary work from our partner contractor, who will agree on the exact schedule for the alteration works with your electricity contractor

We will agree upon the exact schedule with your electricity contractor in order to ensure that the technical conditions for the work are in order. These include appropriate earthing and cable protection.  


We will charge for the work done in accordance with our service rates


Where can the metering centre be located?

The customer must allow Caruna to access the metering centre and equipment without delay and free of charge. Primarily, devices should be in an area that can be freely accessed. In detached houses, holiday homes and other individual buildings, we recommend placing the switchboard for the site outdoors or fitting the distribution board on the exterior wall of the house. For example, in outdoor areas, the equipment could be locked with a triangular key (small houses and other individual buildings).  

Access to locked premises may be granted when the connecting party arranges access by means such as ordering an on-call maintenance service (housing companies, industry, commercial units and hospitals). 

You can also install a lock with two cylinders for Caruna to use or a key safe with a key to the secondary cylinder (fenced-off real estate, telecom masts, pumping stations, real estate and customer secondary substations).

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Will Caruna cable an overhead line, and what will be the share of the costs of cabling for my plot of land?

Check our map service to find out whether your real estate is included in Caruna's network construction project.

If there is no project on your land, you can make changes to the connection line with your contractor. The connection line is a cabled connection or an overhead line connected to the customer's distribution board at one end and Caruna's network at the other. Consult your contractor about alternative implementations and ask them to order the necessary alterations from Caruna. We will charge for the work in accordance with our service fee price list. 

If you want to cable more than the connection line, request a quote from us for the network alterations. We will determine the delivery time and price of the work separately. In principle, customer-oriented alteration work costs EUR 500 or more, and the delivery time for network construction work is several months. We will send you a quote to sign.

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Caruna has made changes to my plot of land as part of a renovation project. Do I need my electricity contractor to move the distribution board outside?

Caruna does not alter customers' main distribution boards. Your electricity contractor is responsible for the necessary alterations to the property's electrification and the main distribution board. Your electricity contractor will order the necessary alteration work from Caruna and include a note that the work is to be done in connection with another project in the area. Our contractor will agree on the schedule for the works with your electricity contractor.  

I have received a contract for alterations to the connection point. What is it about?

Replacing or extending the connection cable may alter the connection point, in which case we will make a separate alteration contract with the owner of the connection. Please note that after the alteration, the maintenance liability and ownership of the new cable installed by your electricity contractor will be transferred to you. 

We will check whether an alteration contract is necessary when we process the contractor's notification, and if necessary, we will send a contract for the connection owner to sign. The work you order will proceed to our partner contractor when the signed alteration contract is submitted to us. 

My electricity contractor has ordered urgent work. What should I do?

Your electricity contractor should order the work from us. In urgent cases, ask your contractor to call our contractor service and ask whether the work requested on the form can be expedited so that it is completed within nine working days. We will check with our contractor whether expedited delivery is possible on a case-by-case basis. We will invoice for the expedited service in accordance with our service rates.

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I am ordering additional meters for a connection. At what stage do we need to make electricity contracts?

Your contractor should order the installation of the additional meters and any other necessary work from us. When we process the order, we will create the accounting point IDs and report them to the contact person specified on the order by email. The customer should make electricity contracts with an electricity supplier for all the accounting points before the work proceeds to our contractor and the meters are installed.