Order a cost-free cable marking

If you are planning to carry out work near an electricity network, you must take the necessary precautions to prevent the network from being damaged. You can do this by making sure that any excavation route does not cross underground cables or other public infrastructure.

We can help you to work safely near electricity networks by offering a range of services such as guidance and free-of-charge cable marking, as required. You will receive the position data within approx. three working days of placing your order.

Order a cost-free cable marking

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Tel. 0800 133 544 (weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm)

If an accident has already occurred

When a cable has been damaged, leave the site immediately by hopping or by leaping from foot to foot, ensuring that only one foot touches the ground at any time. This will prevent what is known as ‘step potential’ and help to minimise the risk of serious injury.

If you are using a machine, move the machine part that has caused the damage away from the damaged area wherever possible. If you are inside the cab of an excavator, it is best to remain inside until the site has been made safe. If you must exit the machine, however, ensure that you completely let go of the machine before your feet touch the ground.

The electricity flowing through the cable may be automatically turned back on even if the cable has been severed. In a medium-voltage network, the automatic fault-correction system may attempt to restore powerseveral times.  Furthermore, the damaged cable may still carry current.


  • If the cable is damaged, immediately inform Caruna's fault service on 0800 195 011. In case of emergency, always call the emergency number 112.
  • If a cable is exposed during digging, immediately inform Caruna. The cable may have been damaged even if there are no visible signs. 
  • Exposed cables must not be covered until their condition has been determined and managed by a Caruna representative. This is important because even minor cable damage may result in electricity distribution outages later on. Any repair costs incurred will be minimised while the excavation site is still open. Repair costs for any damage caused at the excavation site either during or after the digging shall be borne by the party responsible for the damage. Cable control is free of charge.
  • To prevent any further damage, set up a secure perimeter around the site where damage has occurred and ensure that the site is continually monitored from a safe distance.