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Power cuts

What to do in the event of a power cut


First, check your fuses and electrical appliances

Sometimes a power cut is due to a fault in an electrical device in your apartment or property. In such cases, the property owner is responsible for fault repairs and expenses. If the power cut affects your entire household or part of it, always check the main and group fuses and any circuit breakers first. Replace any blown fuses. Also check if your neighbour has electricity.

If you live in a block of flats or a row house, you can contact the maintenance company or building manager if a power cut occurs. These parties have access to the technical premises on your property, and they can check the main distribution board and fuses.


Look at the outage map to see how extensive the power cut is


The quickest way to receive notice of power cuts is via the chat feature on the outage map

If the electricity is cut off and the fault is not shown on the outage map and you haven't received an alert message from us, contact us using the chat feature on the outage map. We will serve you quickly.

What to do during a power cut
  • Use the stairs, not the lift
  • Turn off the electrical devices that you do not want to switch on after the power cut. These may be the kitchen stove, oven and the sauna oven, for example. 
  • Avoid opening the fridge and freezer doors. If the outside temperature is below zero, you can take frozen foods outside
  • Close doors and windows so that heat does not escape
  • Try to relax – we will repair the fault as soon as possible
  • If power lines have fallen on the ground, stay at least 20 metres away from them. Steer clear of trees and branches that touch a power line.

Fallen tree on a power line?

Report a fallen tree on a line using the chat feature

You can report a fallen tree on a power line using the chat feature on the outage map at any time of day.

What if it is a large-scale power cut?

It may take a long time to repair an extensive power cut. We will update the expected time of repair on the outage map. 

If there are elderly people or small children in your household, we recommend waiting at a relative's or friend's house until the electricity comes back on. 

Open the outage map
Subscribe to notifications of outages

Subscribe to our free power cut notifications, and you will receive advance notice of planned work interruptions. You will also be notified as quickly as possible in the event of a sudden power cut in the medium voltage network. You can choose to receive notifications on several phone numbers or email addresses.

You can use Caruna's Sähkövahti service if you have a valid network service agreement with Caruna and a home, summer cottage or any other type of property in our network area. You will have access to Caruna Sähkövahti as soon as you order it or when you become a user in conjunction with a move.

Keep your contact details and other Caruna Sähkövahti settings up to date so that our notifications always get through. You can update your details or unsubscribe on Caruna+.

If you are not using Caruna Sähkövahti, we will send notices of planned outages to your postal address. If you subscribe to the electronic notification service, you will no longer receive traditional notices.

Open Sähkövahti
Identify a neutral fault – it may be life-threatening

Damaged electricity networks may have something called a "neutral fault", which may be life-threatening. Thus, a neutral fault must be taken seriously.

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Compensation for power cuts and damage

Standard compensation for power cuts lasting more than 12 hours

We pay automatic compensation on your invoice for power cuts that last more than 12 consecutive hours. If the standard compensation does not show on the two invoices following the end of the power cut or if the compensation you have received does not correspond to your understanding of the duration of the power cut, you can submit a request for a review of the standard compensation.

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Compensation for damage for a defect in the method of supply or quality of electricity​

You can claim damages for damaged devices or spoiled food. For compensation to be paid for damage, a defect must have occurred in electricity distribution regarding either the quality or method of supply. 

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