Order a temporary electricity connection

Temporary electricity connections are suitable for most companies that need electricity temporarily.

Temporary electricity connections are best suited to companies that need electricity temporarily for purposes such as professional construction sites, events or businesses such as summer ice cream kiosks.

As its name suggests, a temporary connection is used for a specified period only. In principle, the period can be up to two years, but it can be longer in some cases. For example, if a construction site needs power for more than two years, the connection period can be longer.

The connection must be used to consume electricity without interruption until electricity is no longer needed. If there is no need for a continuous supply of electricity in under two years – for example, to supply events or summer kiosks – Caruna should be notified of the termination of the connection at the end of the event or season. The electricity contract will also end when the supply is disconnected, so there is no need to contact the supplier separately.

Temporary connections may not have a connection point to the electricity network, nor will a new connection point be built for it, as is the case for permanent connections. If it is not possible to connect a temporary connection to the existing network, you must either order a permanent electricity connection or deploy an aggregator.

If it later becomes apparent that electricity will be needed on the site permanently, please order a permanent electricity connection. After this, the temporary connection will no longer be in use.

How to order a temporary electricity connection


The contractor should contact Caruna to check whether a temporary connection is possible

The potential for a temporary connection should be checked with Caruna's contractor services once the necessary connection size is known. Based on the location and the desired connection, we will check whether it is possible to make the connection to Caruna's existing network. 


The contractor should order a temporary connection and the activation of the connection

If the desired connection to the network is possible, your electrical contractor will be responsible for building the electricity network to the connection point we specify and for the temporary main switchboard. The electrical contractor should order the connection and the activation of the connection. The order must be sent to Caruna no later than three weeks before the desired connecting date.


Conclude an electricity contract with your selected electricity supplier

We cannot activate an electricity connection unless you make a contract with an electricity supplier. Please contact your electricity supplier in good time. One way to compare electricity suppliers is to use the Energy Authority's online service at sahkonhinta.fi.

We will state the accounting point ID for your electricity contract when we have processed the contractor's notification. Invoicing of electricity consumption will begin when the connection has been activated.


We will process the general request form and order the connection of a temporary switchboard from our contractor

Our contractor will make an agreement with your electricity contractor on the exact timetable for connecting the temporary switchboard. The connection order will proceed to our contractor when you have concluded an electricity sales contract.


The temporary connection is activated

We will connect the connecting line to the connection point in the electricity network and install and electric meter in the switchboard at a time agreed upon with your contractor. After this, we will invoice for the activation of the temporary connection and the connection of any additional cables in accordance with our service rates. 

Invoicing begins on the date when the meter is installed.


Electricity no longer required in a temporary connection

Please contact us by chat or by calling our customer service number to terminate the connection. We will order our contractor to deactivate the connection and remove the meter. The electricity contract for the temporary connection will end automatically on the day the meter is removed, so you do not need to contact the electricity supplier to terminate the contract.


Is it necessary to order a temporary connection separately?

No. Your electricity contractor will order the activation of the temporary connection, and we will create the details of the temporary connection based on the order.  

It is important that your contractor provides the correct customer and invoicing details. We will contact you if we have any questions about the information. 

I need electricity for the initial phase of work on a construction site. Should I order a permanent or temporary connection?  I need electricity for the initial phase of work on a construction site. Should I order a permanent or temporary connection?

Site electricity can be arranged with a permanent connection or a separate temporary connection.  

Temporary connections are generally intended for companies to use on larger construction sites. If there is already a connection point on the real estate you are building on, we recommend purchasing a permanent electricity connection for the construction site as the demand for electricity during construction will not exceed the size of the final connection. This applies to small (25 A–63 A) and large (80 A–960 A) connections 

For large connections, you may need a temporary electricity connection if the fuses you need on the construction site are larger than those allowed by the permanent connection size (connection rights). 

Can I choose a connection point or change the specified connection point?

That is not possible. Your electricity contractor must check the connection point on our contractor service before taking any steps toward building the network. All connection points that already exist are primarily reserved for permanent electricity connections. 

How much does electricity distribution cost? What type of distribution product suits me best?

The distribution product for temporary connections is General Distribution. On larger sites, the distribution product is either Power Transmission 1 LV or Power Transmission 2 MV, depending on the connection size. We charge the product's basic fee and power fee at double the price.

Can I use temporary and permanent switchboards on the same connection if the temporary switchboard has larger fuses than those allowed by the permanent connection rights?

One connection can only supply one switchboard. If the fuses you need on the construction site are larger than those allowed by the permanent connection size (connection rights), your electricity contractor should contact us to discuss whether it is possible to activate a temporary connection of the necessary size.

If the connection point of the temporary connection is different from that of the permanent connection, a site switchboard can be deployed for the temporary connection while work is underway on the construction site. When the construction work is complete, the permanent connection can be activated when the temporary switchboard is disconnected, and the temporary connection is deactivated. Your electricity contractor should notify us that the temporary switchboard will be deactivated when the permanent connection is activated and metered.

Can I renew a temporary connection? 

Temporary connections are only intended to satisfy a temporary demand for electricity. If you need electricity on the site continuously, you need a permanent connection rather than a temporary one.

The connection can be renewed for seasonal needs, such as festivals or ice cream kiosks in the summer. When you deactivate your connection, notify us when you no longer need electricity so we can disconnect the connection from the network and remove the meter. The contractor should also notify us in the case of seasonal renewals, and the customer should pay the fees for metering a construction site or temporary switchboard, connection and disconnection in accordance with our service rates, as well as the fees for connecting any additional cables.

I need a temporary medium-voltage connection. What should I do?

Contact Caruna well before you need the electricity to check whether a temporary connection is possible. Contact Caruna's connection service team by phone on +358 20 520 4560 or by email.  

We need to know the necessary power and the location of the temporary connection to determine whether we can provide the connection. It takes about two weeks for us to determine whether a temporary medium-voltage connection is possible.