Electricity distribution – View Caruna's network service products

The network service product is what the electricity distribution company uses for invoicing for electricity distribution and other fees related to network services.

Your network service product is based on your network service agreement on electricity distribution with Caruna. Our distribution products include General, Night-time, Seasonal and Power Distribution.

Select your metering method to suit your demand for and consumption of electricity. If you wish, you can change to a different product after one year.

Metering methods

General Distribution for low-consumption users
  • The most commonly used distribution product is General Distribution. In this case, the electric meter only has one counter. General Distribution is a good choice if you do not use a lot of electricity.
  • General Distribution is widely used in flats and terraced houses.
  • It is generally also the best value option for detached houses and summer houses that do not use electric heating. The general distribution tariff is the same irrespective of the time of day or year.
Night-time Distribution for electric storage heating
  • Night-time Distribution is ideal for electric storage heating, including thermal storage, accumulating underfloor heating and accumulating water-based heating. If you choose this product, for example a water boiler is only heated during the night.
  • The night-time distribution tariff is lower at night.
  • There are two different tariffs for Night-time Distribution and therefore also two counters in the electric meter: one for daytime and one for night-time consumption.
Seasonal Distribution for direct electric heating
  • Seasonal Distribution is the best option for direct electric heating (radiator heating, direct underfloor heating, ceiling heating and heat pumps). It is worth considering if it is possible to use alternative forms of heating in the winter.
  • There are two different tariffs for Seasonal Distribution and two rows of numbers in the electric meter: one for daytime consumption in the winter and one for other times.
  • The seasonal distribution tariff is lower throughout the summer (1 Apr – 31 Oct) as well as during winter nights.
Power Distribution for high-consumption and industrial users
  • Power Distribution products are targeted at high-consumption customers and especially industrial users.
  • In medium-voltage power distribution, electricity is supplied at a voltage of 20 kilovolts. The customer must have their own secondary substation, and they are in charge of its use and any related installations.
  • The metering period for the power fee is one hour. Caruna Oy's and Caruna Espoo Oy's power fee is determined by the monthly peak power. At low voltage, the minimum power fee is the price payable for 40 kW. At medium voltage, it is that payable for 200 kW.
  • The basis for the reactive power fee is the monthly peak reactive power minus 20% of the monthly peak active power.

Compare and change distribution products in Caruna+

You can change your network service agreement product once a year free of charge. Browse the different options and compare them in Caruna+.

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How the fuse size affects the basic fee

In Caruna Oy's area, the price list for blocks of flats and terraced houses includes a basic fee per fuse. To be eligible for a basic fee according to this price list, the point of delivery specified in the distribution contract must have three electric meters installed for consumption.

In Caruna Espoo's area, the basic fee is always the same whatever the fuse size, up to 63A. The price list for power distribution is applied to larger sizes. 

Change your electricity distribution product

Select your metering method to suit your demand for and consumption of electricity. If you wish, you can change to a different product after one year.

You might want to switch to a different product if your consumption changes significantly. This can happen when a building is expanded or renovated, or if you buy several new appliances that increase your electricity consumption. Changing your heating system could also be a good reason for choosing a different metering method. If your electricity consumption decreases, night-time or seasonal distribution might not be needed any more.

When you switch to another product, your electric meter will be updated to match it. If you want to use the lower-cost night-time distribution, your meter reading centre will require some changes. Please contact your electricity contractor.

Choose the right fuse size to prevent it from blowing

By choosing an appropriate main fuse size you can avoid blowing the fuse even when all electrical devices are on. You should always consult an electricity contractor when you change the fuse size. The contractor will check which size you need, change the fuse bases and fuses if necessary, and contact the network company. 

When we have received information about the new size, we will change the electricity distribution product for your contract. In general, you can change the fuse size once a year.

Upgrading to a larger fuse

Your main fuse size may not exceed your connection rights. You can review your rights in your connection contract in the Caruna+ service. If the connection rights are insufficient, you should upgrade the electricity connection as needed. Contact your electricity contractor to determine the correct connection size.

Changing to a smaller fuse

If your fuses are too large relative to your electricity consumption, you should consider changing to a smaller fuse. 

The fuse size also has an impact on the electricity distribution price you pay. The basic fee charged by Caruna Oy is affected by the selected metering method as well as the main fuse size (for sites where the maximum size is 63A).