Caruna as an employer

Well-being of our personnel, working together and equality are the cornerstones of our operations.

Equal opportunities

We promote equality and diversity in all our operations. All our employees have equal opportunities, and we make use of their various competencies and strengths. Our operations are based on working together.

Our operations are guided by our cultural manual called "I am Caruna", which describes our targets for employee behaviour. The manual describes how we treat each other on an everyday basis and what behaviour we expect from our employees. The guidelines are based on Caruna's values.

Transparent remuneration

The remuneration we pay is transparent and based on job complexity grades. The job descriptions and complexity grades are available for every member of personnel to see. Almost every member of personnel, except for the senior management and certain representatives of support functions, is covered by a collective agreement. According to research conducted by our remuneration partner, Caruna's salary levels are above the market median level for the private sector.

Evaluation and development

Every year, we receive good results for fairness, equality and non-discrimination in employee surveys. The results show that our employees feel welcome in the work community just the way they are. 

We consider diversity a prerequisite for future success and the development of our operations. Promoting diversity is an ongoing process, so we work actively to promote diversity and equal opportunities.

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Occupational well-being

Our competent, healthy, and committed employees are our most important resource.

We regularly assess work resources and stress factors. Regular job satisfaction surveys help in this assessment, as well as workplace reviews by the occupational health care provider and workplace risk assessments, which are conducted at least once every three years. 
Year after year, personnel surveys and departure interviews highlight the importance of a good work atmosphere and colleagues. Our main occupational health and safety questions are related to ergonomics and the psychosocial burden on office workers.

We encourage our personnel to strike a balance between their work and private lives. We use flexible working hours, and our personnel can make flexible agreements on matters such as remote working and various family leave arrangements. The positive factors in our workplace are considered to be, above all, pleasant colleagues, meaningful work, secure income, and flexible remote working opportunities.

Our employees can make a difference

Caruna has an active occupational health and safety committee, which consists of two health and safety representatives elected by the personnel, the deputies to the said representatives, and representatives of the employer. The committee meets regularly to promote matters related to the occupational well-being of personnel, among other things. 

In addition to the occupational health and safety committee, Caruna has an occupational well-being group of volunteers, which any Caruna employee can join. The well-being group plans and arranges activities to support occupational well-being.

Occupational health

At Caruna, occupational health is based on preventive, multi-professional work. We aim to maintain and improve our employees' working capacity. Every day, we work to identify any potential risks in good time, using the lowest possible threshold.

Our occupational health care service agreement and occupational health action plan are up to date and available to every member of personnel on our intranet.

We use a secure occupational health cooperation portal, which provides us with data such as the latest key figures for occupational health cooperation, including the number of absences due to illness. These key figures help us to direct occupational health cooperation measures to the areas where they are needed most.

Caruna's employees have the option of joining the Enerkemi insurance fund, which promotes and supports the health and working capacity of its members by paying supplementary compensation for costs related to medical treatment. The fund also acts as a social security office for its members in matters related to benefits under the Health Insurance Act, thereby safeguarding its members' income throughout absences due to illness and parental leave. In addition, the fund works in cooperation with the occupational health service to support and advise members whose working capacity is reduced by an illness.