Caruna's Customer ombudsman

The customer ombudsman handles complaints, appeals, or disagreements related to Caruna's network services or products, such as disagreements in billing, connection to the electricity network, renovation work, or improvement initiatives. The service is free of charge.

We want to ensure that things run smoothly even if there has been a misunderstanding or an issue with our service. If you would like to provide feedback about Caruna's products or are dissatisfied with the service you have received, please make  our customer service department your first point of contact. This will ensure that any issues can be addressed immediately.

If the matter is not resolved through discussion with our customer service representative, however, you can take the matter to Caruna's customer ombudsman for further investigation. If you feel that you need to take this step, then you should take the matter to the customer ombudsman within six (6) months of the issue arising.

The customer ombudsman cannot intervene in:

  • matters related to electricity retail
  • compensation decisions by the customer's insurance company
  • decisions made by the Finnish Energy Authority or courts of justice

How to appeal a decision

The appeal must include:

  • your name and contact details
  • your personal ID code or business ID
  • the service provider the appeal relates to
  • the name of the person who has handled the matter
  • the claim and the justification for the claim

You can send the appeal by email asiakasasiamies(at) or by sending a letter to

Customer ombudsman Jarmo Ström
P.O.Box 1
00068 Caruna, Finland

The opinions of the customer ombudsman are recommendations and are not binding to the parties involved in the dispute. The customer ombudsman will contact you within five days of receiving the contact request. If you remain dissatisfied with the situation after the customer ombudsman's decision, or do not want to appeal to the customer ombudsman, you may take your matter directly to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority or Energy Authority for resolution.